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i8thacookies Woman Gives Birth To 10lb Baby In The Car

A woman who gave birth in the front seat of a car has spoken about the incident for the first time.

Lesia Pettijohn became an internet sensation last week, along with her newborn baby Josiah, when video emerged of her giving birth to him in the passenger seat of a car in Texas.

The footage, which lasts about four minutes, was filmed by her husband Jonathan on a GoPro camera while he was driving.

The couple, from Lake Jackson, had no mobile phones while driving around the Beltway 8 road in the city of Houston.
Lesia asked her husband to film the birth.

“But I really didn’t want to have him in the car. I was scared. I didn’t know if he’d be breathing okay or if he would need anything else.”

“When he was out, I was like I gotta push the rest of him out and grab him and pick him up and I was like what do I do, what do I wrap him in? My shirt is pretty long – I will wrap him up in that.”

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